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Learning to invest from a young age

About Me

After finishing college I was faced with the decision of whether to go to university or to start work. Guess what I chose? Work! I had originally been working at a local sports club and decided it was time to move on from washing pots and pulling pints. After the long hard search of finding the job that I wanted to do I came across a local accountancy apprenticeship – great time to start earning! 


During college I studied computer science, maths and physics – interesting choices you may be thinking. The reasoning behind me choosing these subjects were as follows: at the time of finishing school I thought that I wanted to be a computer scientist hence choosing the subject. I also enjoyed physics as it all really interested me and I ended up doing maths as to do a physics course it is compulsory that you do maths. 

My biggest regret was doing physics probably at A-Level anyway it sort of took the enjoyment out of it for me so I lost interest. As physics was so difficult too I struggled with my other subjects to end up with grades of DDD. I’m not ashamed of this I passed and have found something that I want to do!

Why accounting you may be thinking? Well as it happens I take a lot of my inspiration from my family and my grandad happens to be a retired chartered accountant – my end goal. This was the same reason that I wanted to do computer science as my cousin does it for a living working for Ricoh. 

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