I have mentioned this in the past and it is now time to talk about it – what benefits are out there waiting for you a discounted hotel or suit maybe? Well I’m here to tell you my top three that I have my eye on for the future…

In this list I am going to choose 3 shares that give different types of benefits for you the shareholder.

Time to sort yourself out with a new suit – All shareholders of Moss Bros Group Plc are entitled to a 20% discount on full price merchandise at the company’s retail outlets. I feel that this is a great investment (even if you only own 1 share!) as you can sort yourself out with a discounted suit for the new year. I think I will personally be investing in this share as at a price per share of 26.00 pence it will pay its self off on the first purchase!

Ensure you’re insured! By holding just one share with Legal & General you are entitled to a shed load of discounts on insurance and pension plans. Some of which include car insurance, pet insurance, home insurance etc. This is a great share to hold if you can get a cheaper price on your insurance policy although I wouldn’t just go to Legal and General for the discount if it is cheaper elsewhere!

Finally, go and grab yourself a drink. Chapel Down Group PLC are giving a whopping 33% discount on the standard wines and vine leases. 25% off their “Curious range of beers” as well as a free tour and a tasting for two when visiting them. And to finish it off a 25% discount on their own restaurant when having a meal for two. Periodic discounts are also given out. The only catch is that you have to hold at least 2000 shares with them which would cost approximately £1,840 at the time of writing this post – if you buy a lot of booze it could be worth it!

So there is just three of the many different shares that just by holding them give you free and discounted services that the business provides. Of course a company is not obliged to give these benefits so if you are just buying for the benefits be aware that the company may stop giving shareholder benefits.

Happy Investing,

Oliver Moir-Andrews