Time to focus more on my monthly income now – its been a while… So which one of the FTSE 100 shares has caught my eye? I’ll give you a clue they are property developers!

Taylor Wimpey is the company that I have taken interest too as it has been doing particularly well recently (as of writing this post). It is also inevitable that we are going to need new housing all the time as the population of the UK grows. I also think that as they build houses in the UK Brexit will not affect them too much – depending on materials of course. They have also recently come out with a statement that they will meet their full year earning forecasts. They also have a pretty strong balance sheet too; they have many more assets compared to their liabilities therefore if it comes to a rainy day in the office they can afford to sell some of their assets to pay off their liabilities if cash flow is poor.

As it says – the net income after operating costs have been taken off
Table runs from 31/12/2014 (right hand side) to 31/12/2017 (left hand side)

This portion of the table shows that their income after their operating costs and they are on an upwards trend – it is also important to note that their payout ratio is minuscule at just 24.56% this means that under a quarter of their profits are paid out into dividends so there is a huge potential for the amount paid out on each dividend. It is also a very good value dividend at just a price of just 155.25 pence (period).

Tell me what you think of this share in the comments. Happy Investing!