Yes I know – I think we are all fed up of it now…

However I think that it is important that we prepare for the worst. As if we don’t prepare we prepare to fail! I’ve been doing my research and been trying to find what shares will survive and thrive.

You have to first of all think – what are us Brits going to need?

I think we can all agree that we are going to need electricity and our main framework for it is the national grid – with share prices falling recently due to the bear market that we are currently in. This could be a great time to buy them. As of writing this post the current price is 768.00 which has fallen from a past figure of 1,149.82 in the last two years. There is no reason why this can’t go back up, of course there is nothing saying that it won’t fall even further but only time will tell.

Secondly, us Brits are big drinkers! Pubs won’t be affected by Brexit especially the ones that don’t import their beer. Greene King is an example of this with many pubs around the country and providing some of the huge British pubs with beer (Wetherspoons). It is important to note that the Greene King breweries are located in the UK so the beer doesn’t need importing from Europe.

Finally BAE Systems should be able to survive Brexit as most of their trade is with the US so any EU trade restriction laws simply won’t affect them. They are also pretty confident that they will be ok as Rolls-Royce and Airbus used an international airshow to show what Brexit could do BAE Systems simply didn’t care.

Most importantly all of these shares pay out dividends! Both Greene King and National Grid have fairly low payout ratios indicating that there is potential for an increase in the amount that is being paid out by the company.