It hadn’t actually occurred to me that I want to create a monthly income and I haven’t checked what month both my Evraz and IAG dividends are paid out. By doing a quick search on google I found that Evraz seems to have changed their dates this year… In previous years they have paid out their dividends twice a year however it seems that they are now moving towards a quarterly policy. Since the last payout date was this December (which I missed the ex-dividend date for!) the next date will be sometime in March.

IAG dividends are paid in July and December assuming that this next upcoming year will follow the same patterns. Now I know when my dividends are to be paid out (hopefully) I can fill out a chart which I will show in bullet points:

  • January –
  • February –
  • March – Evraz
  • April –
  • May –
  • June – Evraz
  • July – IAG
  • August –
  • September – Evraz
  • October –
  • November –
  • December – IAG & Evraz

Now that I can see what months need filling in I can look for appropriate shares to invest in for next time. Something that I would like to take into consideration for my next investment is shareholder benefits however I will leave that for another day…

Hope you all had the best Christmas!

Oliver Moir-Andrews